Who We Are

Bombay Borough, our All Day Indian Bar & Eatery, is the international off-shoot of our original award-winning Indian restaurant in India, and is located in DIFC, Dubai across two floors.

Bombay Borough is owned by Charcoal Concepts, a specialist Indian food and beverage, founded by K Hospitality Corp, one of India’s largest hospitality and food service companies.

Bombay Borough was conceptualized with a philosophy centred on the belief that good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends.

Come experience a mélange of unique ingredients sourced from the far corners of the country, hand-picked and sourced from local farms and suppliers, paired together with an extensive wine list and unique cocktail bar menu.

Your culinary journey across a brand new India begins here, at Bombay Borough.

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Contact Us

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For any queries, comments, or franchise enquiries, reach out to us at - contact@bombayborough.in

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